SONG PREMIERE: Hear 'Fine' by Thousandaire

THOUSANDAIRE: Andrew Wiggins (left), Adam Weisberg, and Chad LeBlanc.

Thousandaire’s debut single, “Fine,” offers a first look at the prime, no-frills indie rock and fuzz pedal symphonies the Atlanta trio has in store with its self-titled debut album, out June 12 via Colonel Records.

On the surface, “Fine” is a deceptively simple number. Singer and guitar player Andrew Wiggins (Caesium Mine, ex-HAWKS, Wymyns Prysyn, Uniform, Blame Game), drummer Adam Weisberg (Rose Hotel, True Blossom), and bass player Chad LeBlanc (ex-Iron Jayne and Vegan Coke) stir up a sentimental journey into early ‘90s indie rock. Heavy distortion sets the scene for a swelling guitar melody, rolling bass and drums, and a voice that drifts from a roar to a self-effacing admission, “While that might not do the trick it’s the best I could come up with. But since you’re leaving, fine.”

The song is a primer for a new take on Wiggins’ songwriting that’s been brewing since 2008, and finally coming to fruition with an album that’s built around the premise that good songs are uncomplicated and draw upon the eloquence of everyday life — work-a-day life that can be poetic, melancholy, and irreverent, all in the same distorted riff.

On stage, the group has been playing for about a year, letting each song follow its own lead. All the while, Wiggins has honed a presence that restores the archetype of the self-conscious guitar hero, leading a group that soars with simplicity and pure volume. It is, in fact, this reliance on visceral directness that elevates Thousandaire to a deeper, higher level of universal hooks, melodies, dirges, and storytelling. Press play.

PHOTOS: The Jesus Lizard

Photo by Mike White / Deadly Designs

On December 28, intrepid photographer Mike White of Deadly Designs made the trek from Athens to Nashville to bring back these 10 photos of the Jesus Lizard live at Marathon Music Works. Frontman David Yow, bass player David Wm. Sims, guitarist Duane Denison, and drummer and Atlanta expat Mac McNeilly tore through a 24-song set that included one previously unreleased number titled “Lord Godiva.”

“One Evening”
“Mouth Breather”
“My Own Urine”
“If You Had Lips”
“Killer McHann”
“Chrome” (Chrome cover)
“Bloody Mary”
“Blue Shot”
“7 vs. 8”
“Monkey Trick”

“Lady Shoes”
“Then Comes Dudley”

Encore 2
“Lord Godiva” (unreleased song)
“Destroy Before Reading”
“Wheelchair Epidemic” (the Dicks cover)
“(Fly) on (the Wall)”

View the complete gallery of photos at Deadly Designs.

Atlanta Magazine’s favorite Atlanta albums of the 2010s

Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest (2010). Photo by George Mitchell, courtesy 4AD.

The good folks at Atlanta Magazine recently asked me for a list of my favorite Atlanta-based albums of the 2010s. I narrowed my picks down to one album per year, which, in some cases, was quite difficult. Hard cuts had to be made. In the end, some great music got shouted out. Read the full list here in which Christopher Daniel, Christina Lee, and I shine a light on some of our favorite releases from the last decade. Read the full list at Atlanta Magazine.