‘Atlanta Record Stores’ reviews are in: What are the critics saying?

The reviews are in, “Atlanta Record Stores: An Oral History” is a bonafide hit! Check out a list of interviews, reviews, and more. … And click below to get a signed copy of the book delivered to your door.

“‘Atlanta Record Stores: An Oral History,’ is a collection of first-person accounts exploring how vinyl has survived new technology from 8 tracks to CDs to streaming and why the industry continues to thrive.” “New book ‘Atlanta Record Stores: An Oral History’ explores how vinyl has survived over decades” by Kim Drobes for WABE/NPR’s City Lights

“The new book ‘Atlanta Record Stores: An Oral History’ shares stories of the influence these stores have had over the past half-century.”“Record stores offer ‘singular take’ on a city’s history” by Peter Biello for Georgia Public Broadcasting/NPR’s All Things Considered

“While Atlanta often operates on the premise that anything not mega-famous must be outdated and worth mercy-killing for profit, Radford’s book is a reminder that—to paraphrase Faulkner—the past isn’t even past. The city’s counterculture is a DIY torch passed to each generation.” “A new history of Atlanta and Athens record stores meets the subcultural moment” by John Ruch for Saporta Report

“Chad Radford joins Rhythm and Resistance to discuss his new book, Atlanta Record Stores: An Oral History” — An interview with Christopher Hollis 

“Rather than a straight narrative, Radford let the owners, employees past and present, musicians, and shoppers tell the stories of the record stores in a series of oral histories. It’s a breezy, funny, nostalgic read.” — “New book chronicles the history of Atlanta’s record stores” with Collin Kelly for Rough Draft

Press play on a fun and candid conversation about the book with Tom Cheshire and Renée Yaworsky for Cosmos Creative TV’s “Burn It Down!”

More reviews are coming soon!

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