PHOTOS: The Jesus Lizard

Photo by Mike White / Deadly Designs

On December 28, intrepid photographer Mike White of Deadly Designs made the trek from Athens to Nashville to bring back these 10 photos of the Jesus Lizard live at Marathon Music Works. Frontman David Yow, bass player David Wm. Sims, guitarist Duane Denison, and drummer and Atlanta expat Mac McNeilly tore through a 24-song set that included one previously unreleased number titled “Lord Godiva.”

“One Evening”
“Mouth Breather”
“My Own Urine”
“If You Had Lips”
“Killer McHann”
“Chrome” (Chrome cover)
“Bloody Mary”
“Blue Shot”
“7 vs. 8”
“Monkey Trick”

“Lady Shoes”
“Then Comes Dudley”

Encore 2
“Lord Godiva” (unreleased song)
“Destroy Before Reading”
“Wheelchair Epidemic” (the Dicks cover)
“(Fly) on (the Wall)”

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