Geographic North’s ‘Sketch for Winter’ returns with Carmen Villain’s ‘Perlita’

Carmen Villain photo by Signe Luksengard.

After the icy drone of her atmospheric opus “Dissolving Edges” appeared on A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North, Carmen Villain returns with Perlita, the ninth installment of the label’s Sketch For Winter series.

Villain, born Carmen Maria Hillestad, is an Oslo, Norway-based former model-turned full-time musician, who caught the world’s attention with the lilting avant-garde pop of her 2017 album, Infinite Avenue. Perlita, named in homage to Villain’s grandmother who lives in Puebla, Mexico, forges a much deeper path of sedate bliss, spherical rhythms, and instrumental beauty. It’s also built around a theme of hibernation and reemergence. Throughout the tape, songs such as “Everything Without Shadow,” “Two Halves Touching,” and “Light In Phases” take shape with a stylishly hushed approach that’s too well-composed to be called experimental music, and too abstract to draw any other concrete pop comparisons. Each number indulges in a deep-listening exploration of electronic drones, textures, and resonance itself as a musical instrument.

On the B-side, “Agua Azul” builds around Johanna Scheie Orellana floating flute melody, guiding dissonant rhythms, bringing this aural cycle to a fine point.

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Geographic North offers up ‘A Little Night Music’ for the Halloween season

October is here, and Geographic North has unleashed its third Halloween compilation of ethereal and otherworldly sounds. A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North is a double cassette featuring more than two hours of music. London-based cellist Oliver Coates plays the part of Rod Serling on this trip into deep dark fringes of the ambient underworld. Coates’ “Them (Prologue)” featuring Malibu, and “Then There (Epilogue)” bookend 31 songs by artists from around the world, including Clarice Jensen, Fennesz, Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena, and more. On the Atlanta front, Algiers, Fit Of Body, Lotus Plaza, and the Geographic North House Band keep the ghostly ambiance in motion.

All proceeds from both digital and physical editions benefit Feminist Women’s Health Center, an Atlanta-based nonprofit providing safe, accessible, and compassionate abortion and gynecological care to all those who need it.

A1. Oliver Coates feat. Malibu – “Them (Prologue)”
A2. Geographic North House Band – “Chapter 1: The Fang of a Parting Mist”
A3. Zelienople – “Dense Cover”
A4. Carmen Villain – “Dissolving Edges”
A5. Meitei – “Okue”
A6. Michael Valentine West – “The Way of Five”
A7. Clarice Jensen – “GOM”

B1. Geographic North House Band – “Chapter 2: Howl at the Crypt’s Entrance”
B2. Malibu – “Isle Of Us”
B3. Like a Villain & Vantzou – “From Below”
B4. Gregg Kowalsky – “Three Sisters Spring”
B5. Lotus Plaza – “Gossamer”
B6. Ki Oni – “Dream World”
B7. Fennesz – “Fortress”
B8. M. Sage – “Forking Paths”

C1. Geographic North House Band – “Chapter 3: The Phantom Penumbra”
C2. Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena – “Peach”
C3. Danny Paul Grody – “Elijah”
C4. Alex Zhang Hungtai – “El Khela”
C5. Ilyas Ahmed – “Without a Trace”
C6. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – “For Mothers”
C7. Nick Malkin – “An Hour Pulled Lengthwise”
C8. Fit of Body – “Tracy’s Toast”
C9. Algiers – “Spooks”

D1. Geographic North House Band – “Chapter 4: A Daunting Crescent Moon”
D2. Félicia Atkinson – “Sequoia”
D3. Louise Bock – “Flummox”
D4. Takagi Masakatsu – “April 18”
D5. Forest Management – “Eastbound, Sometime”
D6. JAB – “Save Room 5”
D7. Oliver Coates – “Then There (Epilogue)”

Don’t Look Now: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North (2018)

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