Atlanta Record Stores: An Oral History

Why write a book about Atlanta record stores? The truth is that you get a singularly unique perspective on a city’s history, its culture, and its personality when viewed through the lens of a record store’s front window. I have often said that if you want to understand a society or a culture, just take a look at its pop culture, and music has always remained right there on the frontlines.

Atlanta is world-renowned as a hip-hop mecca, but a rich underground rock scene has been thriving here for decades. The hub of that world is the city’s record stores. Featuring decades-old institutions to shops that existed just long enough to leave an impact, Atlanta Record Stores is a rock-centric take on a hip-hop town, unfurling the secret history of music underdogs—outliers living among outliers—telling their stories in their native tongue. From Jarboe of SWANS to William DuVall of Alice in Chains and Neon Christ to Kelly Hogan, Gentleman Jesse Smith, Atlanta Braves organist Matthew Kaminski, and those surly characters behind the counter at Wuxtry, Wax ‘n’ Facts, Criminal, Ella Guru, Fantasyland, and more, all were drawn by the irresistible lure of vinyl records—all found their communities and their own identities, leaving an indelible mark on the culture of Atlanta.

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The Almost Live From Little Five Star Bar Sunday Night Special & Grand Old Quarantine Music Show, Sunday, August 2

Ka-pow! It’s Sunday, August 2, time for another installment of the Almost Live From Little Five Star Bar Sunday Night Special & Grand Old Quarantine Music Show, with your host the Honorable Ted Weldon.

This week’s lineup features performances by the almighty Fiend Without A Face, the Young Antiques, Anna Kramer, the Pinx, Rodney Henry (of Glenmont Popes), Billy Rat, Bryan Malone, Patagonia Kids, Andrea & Mud, Tom Cheshire & Brian Kincheloe (of West End Motel), the Cocktail Minute with Sen. Artie Mondello, the return of Clete Thoughts, and more.

Live streaming from the Star Bar’s Facebook page and via Youtube at 7 p.m.