The Legendary Pink Dots and Orbit Service play The Masquerade on Friday, November 4

The Legendary Pink Dots

Has it really been three long years since the Legendary Pink Dots last commanded an evening of shadowy and psychedelic revelry in Purgatory at the Masquerade?

Indeed it has. That performance supporting 2019’s Angel In the Detail can still be felt reverberating throughout the club’s rafters. Since then, there’s been, you know, a global pandemic working in tandem with socio-political absurdity and techno-angst gripping the world. As it all unfolds, LPD vocalist and principal songwriter Edward Ka-Spel has remained steadfast in his rich, kaleidoscopic vision, navigating heaps of new music—namely two solo records dubbed Prints of Darkness and The Great Outdoors, as well as the UK-based outfit’s latest album, The Museum of Human Happiness (Metropolis Records).

This latest offering is cut from a fast-paced blend of Krautrock and industrial-grade psychedelic ambiance bearing song titles such as “There Be Monsters,” “Cruel Britannia,” and “Hands Face Space.” As such, The Museum of Human Happiness is also a pandemic record, a quintessential document that’s tailor-made for coping with the black cloud of the COVID menace which is still lurking out there, somewhere, just beyond the horizon.

Randall Frazier of Orbit Service. Photo by Matthew Condon

For this round of North American shows, Ka-Spel’s long-time cohort, keyboardist Phil “The Silverman” Knight, has bowed out of touring. In his stead, Randall Frazier of Bailey, Colorado’s Orbit Service is pulling a double shift, opening the show and taking on keyboard and electronic duties alongside Ka-Spel, guitar player Erik Drost, and live sound engineer Joep Hendrickx.

$22.50. (advance). 7 p.m. Friday, November 4. The Masquerade (Purgatory).

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Rad/ATL’s Hidden Hand podcast: An interview with Randall Frazier of Orbit Service

Orbit Service photo by Matt Condon

Welcome to another episode of Rad/ATL’s Hidden Hand podcast.

The music you’re listening to is “The Coldest Nights,” taken from Orbit Service’s sixth and most recent album titled The Door to the Sky.

Currently based in Bailey, Colorado — a small town in the mountains near Denver — Orbit Service is the name under which Randall Frazier has created music since the early aughts.

Over the years, Frazier has crafted a spacious and drifting sound that’s bound by a singular and textured quietude. His voice blends with atmospheric drones, improvisation, elegant post-rock songwriting, and musique concrete to a psychedelic effect.

I spoke with Frazier on October 16, 2019, shortly before Orbit Service shared the stage with the Legendary Pink Dots at the Masquerade in Atlanta — his fourth tour with the group. For this conversation we talked about creating space with music, life in Colorado, and our shared affinity for the Legendary Pink Dots.

To learn more about Randall Frazier and Orbit Service look online at

Thank you for listening.