Yasmin Williams

Woodbridge, Virginia native Yasmin Williams is a true innovator of acoustic music. 

With her 2021 album, Urban Driftwood (Spinster), Williams fuses elements of traditional country and blues fingerpicking styles with jazz, hip-hop, and indie rock textures to weave a lush, sweet ambience. She plays the guitar almost like it’s a piano while tapping her feet on the floor to create percussive rhythms. Songs bearing titles such as “Through The Woods,” “Juvenescence,” and “Sundshowers” create a spacious atmosphere that’s filled with baroque melodies, giving nods to everyone from John Fahey to Alice Coltrane, while settling into a singularly modern and ethereal sound.

$15. 5 p.m. (doors). 6 p.m. (showtime). Eddie’s Attic.

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